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This wiki was created in 2010, after the realization that, in North America, the "brain sport" of Solar Car racing appeared to be suffering a slow death from its peak in the early 21st century (2001-2005). More and more teams were simply disappearing or ceasing to function, and only a few new teams were forming to replace their numbers. Of the teams that did surface, many seemed to have difficulty completing a competitive entry in time for the race.

This caused a vicious cycle of decreasing interest in the activity, and very nearly caused the North American Solar Challenge and Formula Sun Grand Prix to fold. As a result, a knowledge gap grew between the "old guard" of teams that had been around for decades, and those that had just recently started from scratch. Due to the highly specialized knowledge involved, this gap is incredibly difficult to overcome without first-hand experience.

The objective of SolarCarWiki is to narrow this gap, and in doing so, strengthen Solar Car racing. Although Solar Car racing is built around a series of competitions, it is more so a community of individuals who seek to obtain and share knowledge. Onlookers never fail to be surprised and impressed by the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that occurs at Solar Car events; we aim to capture that spirit, and make that knowledge readily available to anyone who seeks it.


This wiki aims to be a guide to everything Solar Car:

  • The basics of the activity
  • Building a Solar-Powered Car
  • Creating and managing a Solar Car team
  • Racing a Solar Car
  • The history of the activity
  • Anything else!

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