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  • The Leading Edge: Aerodynamic Design of Ultra-streamlined Land Vehicles, Goro Tamai; 1999
    • Goro Tamai was a large part of MIT's solar car team in the early 1990s. This book is considered the "solar car aerodynamics bible" by the University of Minnesota team. If you have a 1st edition of the book, there are some errors. Corrections for the first edition can be found here.
  • The Winning Solar Car: A Design Guide for Solar Race Car Teams, Douglas Carroll; 2003
  • Racing with the Sun: The 1990 World Solar Challenge, Chester Kyle; 1991
  • Speed Of Light: The 1996 World Solar Challenge, Roche, Schinckel, Storey, Humphris, and Guelden; 1997

General Engineering TextsEdit

  • Drive to Win, Carroll Smith; 1996
  • Tune to Win, Carroll Smith; 1978
  • Prepare to Win, Carroll Smith; 1975
  • Engineer to Win, Carroll Smith; 1984
  • Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, and Plumbing, Carroll Smith; 1990
    • Although all of Carroll Smith's books are valuable resources, "Nuts & Bolts" and "Prepare/Engineer to Win" pertain much more to solar car than "Drive/Tune to Win"
  • Race Car Vehicle Dynamics, Milliken and Milliken; 1995

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If any teams have historical documentation or reference documents specific to their team that they would like to share, please upload it here.

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NGM SC-M150Edit

  • NGM SC-M150 Manual
    • Note: this manual is from ~1999. There were at least two different generations of the SC-M150; this manual is for the older version. I believe that the only differences between the two types of SC-M150 motors are cosmetic/for weight savings, and the motors are functionally and dimensionally identical, but YMMV.
  • NGM SC-M150 Specs
    • From 2002 or so.
  • NGM SC-M150 Data
    • Some data on SC-M150 performance at various air gap settings. Efficiency, torque vs. rpm, etc.
  • File:SAE NGM SCM150 Report.pdf
    • Very detailed SAE report from 2002 on the performance of this motor.


Motor ControllersEdit

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  • NGM aluminum wheel diagram
    • From late 2000 or so.
    • The data sheet lists a nominal load capacity of 500lbs. Think about this when driving at a closed-course track event, it is very possible to exceed this load rating in a turn if the solar car is on the heavy side. Teams have broken NGM rims in the past; Illinois State had trouble with theirs at the 2009 FSGP, and the University of Calgary had issues during qualifying for ASC 2010.

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