Array, as in "Don't touch the array!"
Shorthand to refer to the solar array
Solar Array
The complete unit that converts sunlight to electricity. Solar cells can make up solar panels, and solar panels make up a solar array. An array can be made from large amount of individual cells, but these are usually grouped into sections.
Power Trackers
Another way to refer to an MPPT, the device that optimizes the voltage and current for the solar array (or sections of the solar array if you have multiple power trackers) so it generatres the most power. (Current x Voltage = Power, the mppt optimizes this product)


Battery Management System (system used along with a BPS to manage as well as protect batteries)
Battery Protection Systems (active system for protecting batteries)
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Electro-Magnetic Interference
Maximum Point Power Tracking/Tracker
A three letter acronym.

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